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Parental Cognitive Development: Devolution to BUS

The kid continues to grow and learn. He’s picking up all sorts of phrases at daycare… and inventing some of his own? (For example, asking for “don don choo choo” videos. I have no idea what kind of train that might … Continue reading

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Year in Review: The Kid in 2016

At the start of 2016 I was a full-time stay-at-home dad. When I had errands to run, I strapped the kid to my chest and walked or got on the bus. He was curious and observant, but couldn’t express himself … Continue reading

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It never rains but it tiny stones

Sometimes you hit a run of bad luck. Sometimes, the bad luck is extremely specific. This is the story of such an occurrence. I ride my bicycle a lot. It’s my preferred mode of transportation, weather permitting, and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Challenge accepted: Artifact dash

Today I finally got around to reading a post from a couple of months ago over at an RPG blog called Semper Initiativus Unum about “megadungeons and artifacts.” As is generally the case when I write this kind of post, a … Continue reading

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Toddler Linguistic Development: Sentences!

The kid has been building up his vocabulary in both English and Japanese, of course, and at some point started stringing words together. At first, if I recall, it was a couple of stock phrases like “all done,” then rudimentary … Continue reading

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A random generator for political comments

On one website that I visit once in a blue moon or two, there’s a silly little internet game you can play where you type a string of characters (it’s supposed to be a name, but what’s stopping you from … Continue reading

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Questions about high school, dux and redux

Here’s a list of questions about one’s high school days that I saw on Facebook recently. For the sake of being completionist, I’ve answered them, but the real meat of my response is below. 1. Did you know your spouse? … Continue reading

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