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Challenge accepted: Artifact dash

Today I finally got around to reading a post from a couple of months ago over at an RPG blog called Semper Initiativus Unum about “megadungeons and artifacts.” As is generally the case when I write this kind of post, a … Continue reading

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Pen-and-paper RPG thoughts: an “unlock campaign”

Impetus: Inspired by Delta’s post on “oil” as a weapon, found here. Long longago I read that and got to thinking, what if there were a fantasy campaign with some sort of weaponized flammable liquid (Greek fire, alchemist’s fire, wildfire, … Continue reading

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A tale of (computer) renewal

Things are stable again in the Land of Nu, and we didn’t even get to the end of the buffer. (Which means it’s time to rebuild the buffer for all three of my regular posts – kotowaza, Magic Monday, and yojijukugo – and … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Hiatus announcement

So my computer’s been dying, slowly, for a while now. Little bits of damage accumulating, tasks taking slightly longer to complete. On Saturday morning it was slow to boot up. On Saturday during the day I scheduled two kotowaza and one yojijukugo … Continue reading

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On spicing up your dungeon crawl with… sensory output!

Noisms just put up a thought-provoking post about “consequences” in the dungeon. Not the social consequences of PC actions within the fictional world, though (although that would be an excellent topic to explore in depth, if you’re up for a certain kind … Continue reading

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A quick link about combat arrowing

Next time you encounter fictional archery, whether in a movie, book, or in a game (especially a fantasy-themed game that involves characters using magic or performing feats of legendary strength and skill), here’s something to keep in mind: 

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Fiddling with XP, Part 1: The Past and Present

Improvement over time is such an integral part of role-playing games (in general) that it has become the de facto indicator for RPGness in computer games. And there are plenty of different systems. I’m partial to one in which using … Continue reading

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